HIStory Book Series


HIStory Book Series

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The book series is based on a variety of topics  found in scripture and presented in an easy reading prose format.   The topics will range from Biblical events to teachings found in the scriptures.

It’s our vision for this series to be educational as well as  enlightening.  It is also our prayer that you will find peace and truths in life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

God’s Blessings to you, Jasper Snellings

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1. HIStory   The Coming of the Prince of Peace

This book describes the coming of  The Prince of Peace.

Christ’s birth is provided in this poetic book’s release.

It is based on Biblical accounts in timely protocol,

And written to be easily read and understood by all.

  1. 2. A Voice from the Wilderness:  

        (Released in the Fall 2011)

Welcome to the second on the HIStory Book Series list,

Developed on the life and ministry of John the Baptist.

This book opens as John awaits in the winderness for God’s Call!

After which Johnbegan preaching and baptizing repentence for all.


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